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No.  1 Date: 2020-11-13 14:15

Name: rose m clark

My forever Superman,I still cant believe we met at Wally world. I think I loved you from the first time you asked for my phone number. Eight years is a long time to be with someone.(2010-2018)I still loved you just as much as ever. You were my one true love. I miss your phone calls and your texts. I still can't believe your gone. You were 14 years younger than me and it was not suppose to be like this. I wish I could just see you one more time to tell you want you meant to me. I took you for granted thinking you would always be here. I am truly sorry for that. Fool I will never forget you as long as I live. My heart still breaks everyday cause your not here. I remember you everyday! Your smile, forehead kisses and the best hugs in the world! The foods you liked-mushrooms, chili with corn chips, ribs, noodles, French fries, fish and chips. I loved cooking for you. I know you loved the Green Bay Packers and Lifetime movies. I used to love us dancing together and going to comedy shows and you giving me head massages. Our first Valentines Day and all my pink roses. I will always love your Fool! I will always be Jerels1girl and Lillian Petalz! You changed my life and I will never ever forget you. I will always miss you. your my sunshine-I think of you everyday Superman!

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