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Leon Barnes


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No.  1 Date: 2010-06-10 10:28

Name: Tiescha

To Mrs. Glass and family, you are in my prayers. May God strengthen you in your time of loss.

Tiescha Vaughn

No.  2 Date: 2005-07-10 11:02

Name: sam peter

Dear Barnes Family and Friends, May our Father in heaven Comfort you at this time and grant your desire to see Leon soon in the promised resurrection, through the sacrifice and love of His son. Sincerely. SamPeter.12@gmail.com and family, usmc,dav.

No.  3 Date: 2004-03-14 15:52

Name: Feliciano

Amberr MeadowsKatie, textbooks are quite eivnesxpe. Haven't had to buy any for several years, but I still remember how painful it was buying them before the new semester.

No.  4 Date: 2003-07-10 04:07

Name: margaretlee89

Dear Cousin,
You are in my prayers. Please know that I love you and regret I was unable to be there.

No.  5 Date: 2001-07-10 14:46

Name: Royce & Shirley Green

To Mrs. Mary and the rest of the family. We just want you to know that we are praying for you, during this time. May God continue to bless you and keep you.

The Greens

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