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Ethel Pearl Ervin


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No.  1 Date: 2013-10-13 10:13

Name: Zona Ash - VA Employee

Thoughts and prayers are with each of you during this time. Take and share your memories, using them to allow the spirit of Ms Ervin to continue on, as well as to help ease your loss.

No.  2 Date: 2004-03-14 14:04

Name: Sabrina

I live in Franklin where all of the cool pepole live. Unfortunately, I don't know any of those cool pepole nor do I know anyone who thinks I'm cool for living here. Not sure where that leaves me. At least I'm close to McCreary's.(enjoy your new place! sounds like you made the right call.)

No.  3 Date: 2003-03-14 22:40

Name: Asami

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No.  4 Date: 2003-03-14 22:14

Name: Mohammad

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No.  5 Date: 2003-03-14 19:47

Name: Bruno

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