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No.  5 Date: 2003-03-14 18:52

Name: Yuuno

it, didn't remember it being spcclfieaily about the mosque in Tennessee or wherever the hell it is, but I do remember you getting super-pissed in response and saying that I should get a radio show, because I could 'out-Beck Beck'. Ha ha ha. That was hilarious. But - if you are indeed quoting me - and I believe you are, unless someone else told you the exact same thing - let me just say, that was a bit of a joke, there. I wasn't saying that you hate our country or culture or whatever, just that you seem to look to criticize it first. So I hope you didn't take it too seriously. Although, now it seems that you have embraced that sentiment, actually. Whatever.One little quibble: you identify me as a 'Christian' in your remark, and so make me sound like some typical, bitter, Bible-thumping Evangelical of the sort you frequently complain of. As it is, however, I could pretty much count on two hands the number of times I have attended church on Sunday in the past ten years (if I had seven fingers on each hand, I guess). Anyway... since I am rather rusty, in a spiritual sense, or rather, just in a plain, hypocritical religious sense, and since I haven't read much of my Bible lately, I was wondering could you clarify something for me? When Jesus originally told this story in the gospel, had a group of Samaritans recently hijacked a couple 757 airliners and parked them in a Jewish Temple? What I wonder, is it that we hate Muslims because they are simply different from us, or do we fear and distrust them due to the fact that in not-too-distant-history, a(n admittedly small) group of them tried to kill us ? Also, is the comparison of Samaritans to Muslims really apt? The relationship between modern-day Christians and Muslims does not really seem comparable; a more apropriate modern parallel is really that of Catholics versus Protestants, if you ask me.

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