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George Wade



George Settles Wade, Jr. "PluKum" was born on January 9, 1948 to George and Rosa Mae Burrows Wade. He departed this life on Friday, October 4, 2013.

He professed his belief in our Lord Jesus Christ at an early age and was a faith¬ful and active member of Allen Chapel A.M.E. Church all his life.

Mr. Wade attended the Murfreesboro Public School System, which at the time were segregated schools for Black people and white people. He attended Brad¬ley Elementary grade school, the "Annex" for the seventh and eighth grades, and Holloway High School. He graduated from Holloway in 1967. Mr. Wade was informally considered a "genius" throughout all of his school years because of his very high I.Q.

Mr. Wade attended Tennessee State Agricultural and Industrial University (now known as Tennessee State University) for one quarter. He was not able to continue going to college because he had to take care of and financially support, on a full time basis, his chronically ill, homebound mother. Nevertheless, Mr. Wade continued to self-educate by being an avid reader of many college-level subjects.

Mr. Wade loved music and had a beautiful singing voice. As a child and schoolboy, he often sang solos on school and church programs, and at other important events. During his adult years until his illness, he sang in the Allen Chapel choir and at some special community events. Mr. Wade also was a passionate television and video movie viewer. At the time of his death, he owned over one hundred videos of all types of programs, as well as, many books (especially books and pamphlets related to religion and the A.M.E. Church).

Mr. Wade leaves to cherish his memory a loving uncle, Jack Settles Wade; devoted first cousins, Dr. Jacqueline "Jacqui" Wade, Christine and Barry Harris, Dr. Shelley Catherine Brown, Dr. Connie Jones Wade, Wanda and Robert Brown, and Johnnie Johnson Wade; dedicated second cousins, Sharon (Cheri) and William (Bill) Holmes, Carol Lynn and Keith Geyer, Dorian and Judy Wade, Loleeta Wade, David and Tonia Wade, Hose Rodreekus and Sherelle Wade, Robert Brown, Jr., and Consuelo Motto; steadfast third cousins, Brittany Wade, Holly Gourie, Bret Wade, Anton Bates, Brian Wade, Brandi and Keyon King, Brandon Wade, Daylen Wade, Daija Wade, Dominique Bell, Solomon Holmes, and Brianne Holmes; young fourth cousins, Kaniyah King, Kenya King and Zihiayah Gourie; especially good friends, Minister Larry Lockett, Mrs. Sonita Lockett, Ms. Beatie Keith, Mr. Jerome Cheers, Ms. Astaiah Cheers, Mr. Robert Howse, Ms. Gladys Howse, Mrs. Irene Thomas, Mr. Greg Thomas, and a host of other relatives and friends.

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