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Final Arrangements

Decisions, choices, options, planning, so many unknowns concerning an unwanted but non-preventable event. Making final arrangements can seem overwhelming.

The following information has been provided by answering the most frequently asked questions. And to assure you that once you've contacted us, we'll guide you in implementing the plan you've chosen with the same care and attention we'd give our own family in their time of need.

What should I do if the death occurs in the middle of the night or on the weekend?
Our staff of professionals is available 24 hours a day, seven days a week, please, just call. We'll make the necessary arrangements and notify the proper authorities.
Will someone come right away? If you request immediate assistance, yes. If the family wishes to spend a short time with the deceased to say good bye, it's acceptable. We'll come when your time is right.
If your loved one dies outside Murfreesboro, can you help us? Yes, we serve Murfreesboro, as well as all surrounding communities. We can also assist you with out-of-state arrangements, either to transfer the remains to another state or from another state.
I've never made final arrangements before. How will I know what needs to happen and when? Providing you with information is our job. We'll explain every aspect of the process, outline your options and review the costs so you'll have all the information you need to make clear decisions
Can Scales & Sons help me with cremation? Yes, Scales & Sons has arranged cremation services for many, many years.
So, I've decided on cremation. Can I still have a funeral or a viewing? Yes, quite often some sort of viewing precedes the actual cremation. We will also assist you with the necessary information for a funeral with a cremation following or a memorial service.
Is embalming required by law? No. Embalming normally is preferred if the body is viewed or held for several days. Refrigeration is a replacement for embalming and is available at Scales & Sons.
How much will arrangements cost? Our prices are itemized. You are shown each price with full disclosure and are charged only for items you select. We also offer packaged services that are simple and include discounts.
What government agencies help defray final expenses? As you funeral directors, Scales & Sons will gather the necessary information to apply for financial assistance from Social Security, Veteran's, retirements and any others. We're also licensed life insurance agents and can help make claims on life insurance policies.
Will we need to pay the full cost up front? No, we offer three ways of payment
  1. If you can afford to pay the entire balance by the time of the service, we will deduct 2% off the merchandise.
  2. Half down and the balance in 30 days.
  3. We will accept MasterCard or Visa or we'll accept assignment of a valid life insurance policy.
What if we can't afford the cost of the funeral? Scales & Sons is family owned. We pride ourselves on treating our customers like our own family members. We have been in business for over four generations and we have never refused service due to inability to pay. Because you are dealing directly with the owners, we have the ability to be flexible and find a workable solution.

If you have any further questions please contact us an we will reply as soon as we possibly can.


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